Bali 5 until 19 September 2009

Bali, Bug-Bug Village Resort, September 2009

It is September 2009 and again we went to Bali, Bugbug, for a short holiday in our bungalow, Selamat Datang. We took some time to make the bungalow more nice with some typical Balinese paintings and of course the Balinese plankiran, a small house-temple, used for the offerings by the Balinese every day - sometimes twice a day. We also visited a friend we know from Malaysia, the Frangipani hotel, Ruth and her son I Putu Demas, nowadays living in Bali.

During our stay at Bali we also visited Tanah Lot, one of the 3 most important temples at Bali and a beach near to Bugbug, Virgin beach or white sand beach. A very nice place for swimming and snorkling, but the waves can be very strong as we noticed.
The pictures of Bali show some pictures concerning the bungalows at Bug-Bug Valley beach resort.

pictures Bali