Langkawi, Malaysia an impression

After so many trips to Malaysia, the island of Langkawi, this page will give you a small impression. 

So many times we spent at Langkawi Village Resort, nowadays called The Frangipani Langkawi Resort & Spa, that a small selection of pictures had to be made. But you can see more on the different pages of separate trips during the years.

Langkawi is a very nice (still duty free) island in the North West of Malaysia above the probably more known island called Penang and below the famous Thailand Island Puhket.
For a description of Langkawi just see

Near to the Frangipani resort there are many little shops with clothes, all kind of tourist things like trips and where you can also rent (motor)bikes. There is a big duty free shop near the Underwater World and nowadays also a lot of known brand shops.
The Underwater World is also a very beautiful Sea Aquarium, the largest of Asia, with the very famous Sea Dragon. Nowadays it also presents pinguins!

There are also a lot of little restaurants with terrific food, Chinese, Thai, Malay, Indian and I should not forget to mention the terrific Japanese food restaurant Unkaizan, located on Pantai Tengah, owned by chief Tako and during the years with lovely hosts like Naoko and Sayo. 

Other things to mention are the cable car, crocodile farm, bird park, the pasar malam (night market), the city of Kuah, with a lot of shops. Several places to have traditional Malay massage, like Nawa Sari Spa. Anyway a lot of information you can get on the above mentioned site.

In the selected pictures I made a selection related to Frangipani Langkawi Resort & Spa and surrounding places and the several interesting places at Langkawi, like the Birdpark, where beautiful pictures can be taken. During the years a lot of changes took place, many more hotels, more shops, shopping streets and a developing of kind of tourists.

Finally I selected some pictures from the diving and snorkelling and diving adventures at the Island Pulau Payar, with the Coral Garden, the House Reef and the Japanese Garden.

pictures Frangipani Langkawi Resort & Spa

pictures Langkawi Birdpark

pictures Pulau Payar