Bali and Langkawi 8 until 30 January 2011

Bali and Langkawi 2011, a great combination

January 2011 we went with Elly& Gilles to Bali again to our bungalow in  Bugbug for a little bit to relax and a little bit to make some adjustments at the bungalow. Every time we come here there is work to be done, one of the reasons that after one  week we went again to Langkawi in Malaysia.

The pictures of Bali show activities concerning the new wall and some new orchids and the Tokeh at #17, Selamat Datang, the name of #16, Tempat Senang, the delicious food that Kadek prepares and the delightful massage by Ariani.
In Candi Dasa we had great diners in the restaurants Ayu and Legong.
pictures Bali

Again at Langkawi we stayed at Frangipani Langkawi Spa & Resort. This time of course no specific activities other then reading, swimming and relaxing. This year we had diners at Unkaizan, our favourite restaurant at Langkawi, The Boat and Deng Long. All restaurants great food.  
pictures Langkawi