Bali, Indonesia 6 until 20 September 2013

Bali, a short stay at our house in Bugbug.

A short stay of two weeks with not so many things to do beside maintenance of the bungalows and relaxing on the veranda.
We made a trip to pura Gumang and we celebrate the one year anniversary of Widyasantih ecw, the Sunday school with free English lessons and free dancing lessons for the children. 
The pictures this time are devided in 3 series, Pura Gumang, Widyyasantih and our stay at Bugbug Valley Beach Resort.

Pura Gumang

Pura Gumang is well known for the great ceremonies in October. Ones in two years before full moon, the people of four villages (Bugbug, Bebandem, Ngis and Jasi) go up to Perang Dewa Hill, where the temple pura Gumang lies on the top. It is about 400 hundred meters high from sea level and four kilometers to the east of Candi Dasa. More than four thousand Balinese have a combined ceremony at the temple. The hill is called Perang Dewa, which means "War of the Gods". It is traditional that "fighting with the Gods" and many men in trance appear at this ceremony. We just visited the temple without any ceremony, but surely hope, one day we will be there in October to be part of this very special ceremony.
pictures Pura Gumang

Widyasantih had their first anniversary on the 15th of September in the school at Bukit Asah. The celebration took about 2 hours with a lot of performances of the children, singing, dancing, telling stories and traditional dancing. The celebration ended with the ceremonies concerning the best students in English and dancing. Also some sponsors were present who hopefully will sponsor also the coming years this great iniativ of a small group of volunteers. Their slogan "Put a smile on child's future". 
For more information, see Widyasantih.

pictures Widyasantih

And finally some pictures of our stay. Some panorama pictures of the bungalows, views from Bukit Asah and just some pictures.
pictures Bali Bugbug