Bali September 2 until 17 September 2008

Bali September 2008, signing the Act Bug-Bug Valley Beach bungalows.

The 6 owners of the 2 bungalows, #16 and #17, Jeanette, Joke, Ruth, Dave, Jozef and Ben, went in September to Bali to sign the Act concerning the bungalows we bought in Bug-Bug Valley Beach Resort. The resort is near Desa Bugbug in the eastern part of Bali, Indonesia.
Beside all the things to arrange for furniture we had some spare time to make a short walk in the neighbourhood, meeting the local people of Bugbug.
We celebrated our own selamatan ceremony concerning the bungalows and we enjoyed a special ceremony from the village with some 3.000 people joining. This ceremony started in the village and finished at the beach near the the resort.
At the end of the holiday the bungalows were almost completely furnished and almost all problems were solved. Our first holiday in Bug-Bug Valley beach was just for 6 nights, but we enjoyed after getting used to the sounds in the nights of animals and the rough sea. Next time we hope there will be more time to relax, meet the local people of the surrounding kampongs and enjoy the environment.
pictures Bali