Langkawi 2 until 16 February 2008

Our annual trip to Langkawi

The (short) trip this year be mentioned as a special one, beside the business class trip to Kuala Lumpur.
We were invited by Azliana from the Frangipani hotel for her birthday party in a disco, we went for a fishing trip with our favourite Frangipani artist Loy and Brian (from Australia),we played black jack and lost off course, we played darts and lost off course. So we had some new experiences which probably will be continued next year.
On our way back to 
Amsterdam we made a stop in Kuala Lumpur and visited an old schoolmate from high school in Den HelderJohannes College, Jeffrey. He lived already for 25 years in Malaysia without inviting us. So this time he had no change, we visited him and the family. A very exiting moment, since we did not met from somewhere in 1986. And it was great and it will not be the last time..........
pictures Langkawi