Mexico 25 October until 17 November 1996

A roundtrip to Mexico City and Cancun.

The trip was very well organised by Far Horizons, Archaeological & Cultural Trips. First we stayed some days in Hotel Majestic, located at the famous square Zocalo, in Mexico City to visit the Anthropology Museum and the archaeological sites Teotihuacan, outside of Mexico City and the Great Pyramid and museum at the Zocalo. Just 1 hour in Mexico city and we were pick pocket in the  hotel ...... What a start, but we managed.

From Mexico City we, Jeanette, Martin and Ben went to Cancun to visit several of the famous Maya sites. In Cancun we travelled by car, but our daily planning was that before sunset we would be in our hotel. We did not feel really comfortable so now and then so just to be sure.

We started in Akumal and visit the Cobá ruins. After all, the best site to start a roundtrip, in the middle of the jungle we just met a ruin which is very impressive at the starting point. From this point we visit the following sites, which were more, and more impressive along the way.

From the Cobá ruins to Tulúm, Muyil, Bacalar, Kohunlich, Xpujil, Becán, Chicaná and Palenque, in the Chiapas area, which is one of the most interesting Maya sites to visit.  

From Palenque we went to the Misol-Ha waterfalls and Aqua Azul cascades, Campeche and the sites of Uxmal, Kabah, Sayil, the Loltun Cave, the historical city Mérida, the monastery of Izamal and finally Chichen Itza, the very impressive Maya site which is easy to visit for all kind of tourist, dressed up as backpacker or as model wearing stiletto's. 
pictures Mexico